We see our apprentices as the future of our business. We invest in learning and development programmes to equip our teams with the skills, knowledge and support to reach their full potential. We provide opportunities to study a wide range of  hospitality related NVQ courses. These include front and back of house, and management including leadership, supervision, operational management and business administration.

Courses range from educational levels 2 through to 5 (undergraduate degree level). They typically last between 12 and 24 months, depending on the subject and level studied.

Entry requirements include a minimum 3 years as a European resident, along with a pre-assessment in Maths and English, where an entry level 3 (D grade GCSE) must be achieved.

Going straight from school to college or university isn’t for everyone. An apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to start your career straight after your school exams. You can gain valuable qualifications, and earn a salary at the same time. From September 2019 we will be working with our NVQ partner to provide entry level apprenticeships, allowing people to join the #bmFamily💜💚 as an apprentice whilst studying for an NVQ qualification.

To register an interest in our apprenticeship scheme, or to enrol onto an NVQ course (existing BM team members only), please email murray@bartettmitchell.co.uk who will contact you to  arrange for an initial assessment to take place.

Studying for an NVQ is a great way to expand your knowledge and fulfil your career goals. We asked members of the #bmFamily💜💚 about their experiences studying for an NVQ work-based qualification.

I gained confidence


I enrolled on a NVQ course to learn new skills and enhance my future career prospects. The NVQ has given me confidence, and enabled me to work as part of a team as well as working on my own and use my innovative. I would like to go into management and run my own team and site

I can now work confidently in different situations


I decided to enrol on an NVQ course to gain the skills I need to do my job even better. The NVQ has given me the knowledge I need to work more confidently in various situations at work. I want to continue to grow professionally within the #bmFamily💜💚.

Since completing my NVQ’s I have gained a promotion to Manager


I enrolled on NVQ courses to help me gain a better understanding of different aspects of the business. They have helped me grow as a person and support my team. I am more confident in my current job role and have enhanced my development and career prospects. Since completing my NVQs I have been promoted to Manager. I have also supported two of my team members through their NVQs, which has enabled them to develop too. I would like my next role to be manager of a larger team.

My manager has given me more responsibilities in my work place


I enrolled on an NVQ course because I wanted more opportunities to progress within the company. Since starting my NVQ I have passed my maths and english level 2. My manager has also given me more responsibilities in my work place. I now assist with the site’s daily paperwork and I am being trained ready for a supervisor role. I am interested in progressing further by completing a higher level NVQ and one day becoming a manager.

I now have responsibility for my own section


I enrolled on a NVQ because I wanted to further my knowledge of food and become a great chef. I work alongside my head chef who is a great teacher and mentor. He has taught me how to make breads, pastries, jus’ and cakes and I now have my own section on salads. Next step for me is progress to a Chef de partie and maybe one day a chef director.

I am taking more control of what goes on within the kitchen


I chose to study an NVQ because I wanted to gain more culinary and restaurant knowledge and learn how to create my own menus. I work alongside my head chef and he has taught me many skills. I run hot mains, one of the biggest sections in the kitchen. I now have the freedom to create my own dishes for the menu. I would like my next step to be a junior sous chef. I now know how to place orders and I complete my own stock-takes. I am taking more control of what goes on within the kitchen and my career.

The NVQ has given me a better understanding of the business side of catering


I decided to complete an NVQ so I could gain more knowledge and experience in my role as supervisor. The NVQ has given me a better understanding of the business side of running a contract. In the future I would like  to become an assistant manager

I am more confident and knowledgeable


I enrolled on an NVQ to enhance my career prospects. Since completing my NVQ I have mapped my personal training journey and a career action plan. I am striving to learn as much as I can so that I am confident and knowledgeable. I also aim to be ready to take the next step when the opportunity arises within the #bmfamily💜💚.

I’d like to be in a position to help develop other team members


I enrolled on my course because I realise that our roles are forever changing. I know how important training is to equip me to manage change and business growth. I haven’t finished my course yet, but I already know it’s helped my confidence. I have a far better understanding of the industry and how to overcome the challenges. As for the future, I’d like to be in a position to help develop others with everything I’ve learnt.

I wanted to increase my skillset


I was looking into improving my skillset as a chef. In the past I had  funded my own training but bartlett mitchell offered to fund my next course. My training has given me a lot of insight into the way the organisation is run. I have increased my skills and enhanced my existing skills. I would like to work in a hotel kitchen when I’ve finished this course, so I can expand my experiences. I am also considering applying for a level 4 NVQ in management.

I have worked my way up to the hospitality supervisor role


I wanted to be more effective at work so I chose an NVQ course to help me improve my practical skills and knowledge. So far I have learned about organisations, training, stakeholders, regulations and policies. I started with the bmfamily in the support team in 2015. I have worked my way up to a hospitality supervisor position. My aim is to progress and become an assistant manager or administrator.