My earliest food memories are of family picnics on Sundays in Greenwich Park.

Food that’s trending for me is lean and clean: natural, fresh, wholesome and delicious. This will never change for me.

My favourite place to eat is always outside, especially breakfasts. It seems so indulgent to start a sunny day with an al fresco meal. My most memorable meal was watching the boats land their catch in Arendal, Norway, and eating the freshest crab ever at the harbourside. It was completely magical.

My ideal dinner guests would be Terry Jones, Theresa May, Chris Evans, Cyrus Todiwala, James Martin, Michael Portillo, Kevin McCloud, Damian Lewis and Robert Plant. I have a large dining table.

My cookbook inspiration is currently Breakfast Love: Perfect Little Bowls Of Quick, Healthy Breakfasts by David Bez, but I work through a different book every week.

The three items I always keep in my fridge are Champagne for friends, croissants for breakfasts, and yoghurts for health. I also have a fully stocked fridge and larder; my friends always comment about this.

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