My earliest food memory is making Victoria sponge with my mum. I even remember the plastic mixing bowl we used to use.

The food that’s trending for me is barbecue food (low and slow) and everything that comes with it, from salads to salsas, pickles and rubs.

I have a few favourite places to eat. Adam Byatt’s Trinity in Clapham does the best Sunday lunch. St John in Spitalfields is great, and my favourite overall is Timberyard in Edinburgh (Ben and the team up there do an amazing job).

My most memorable meal was overlooking the beach at Saundersfoot in South Wales, smashing crab claws between rocks, and serving them simply with mayonnaise. You couldn’t ask for more from food. My ideal dinner guests would be Lewis Hamilton, Richard Branson, Eric Clapton, Kevin Bridges and Niki Lauda.

My favourite cookbooks at the moment are the Ginger Pig Meat Book, and NOPI, Jerusalem and Plenty by Ottolenghi.

The three items I always have in my fridge are natural yoghurt, strong cheddar and smoked bacon.

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