I am proud of the energy shown by our team over the last year and their actions demonstrate a resolve to make a long-term difference. Last year we focussed on reducing waste. This year we have continued to improve in this area and focussed on our social sustainability, including the way we engage with our supplier partners and teams. This included my enlightening trip to Nicaragua to meet the farmers from the Soppexcca co-operative who grow our Perkee Fairtade coffee. 

By adopting the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s (SRA) three pillars of sustainability as a framework we have created a balanced approach to achieving triple bottom line results for people, planet and profit. Our results show how we performed against last year’s targets.

The success we have achieved so far proves that collaboration between suppliers, team members, customers, NGOs, government, education and clients is the key to tackling sustainability challenges. It’s impossible to separate our co-dependence. I want us to lead the way so that collaboration will be the ‘new normal’ to ensure we progress together on all fronts.

“As a fresh food business everything we do depends either directly or indirectly on our natural environment.”
Wendy Bartlett MBE, Executive Chairman

Our vision for sustainability

Our vision is to grow our business whilst reducing our environmental footprint and increasing our positive social impact. We have set ourselves a big goal to be the UK’s most ethical and sustainable foodservice catering business. We want to be leaders in environmental responsibility, not just in catering but in the wider business world.

Our Fruitful World Report sets stretching targets. Our ambition means that we are finding new ways to partner with other businesses, our team and society.

Faced with the challenge of climate change and the need to directly contribute to improving the livelihoods for people around the world, we want to inspire a new generation of clients, customers, and team members who care about how we behave and operate.

“Feeding thousands of people every day, caterers, like bartlett mitchell have the power to change eating habits and to shape a better food future for all of us. As multiple winners at the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s Food Made Good Awards, bartlett mitchell have proved over an extended period that sustainability is an intrinsic part of their business model and that’s been rewarded with continued market growth. Embarking on a bold initiative to create a new coffee brand that’s better for the farmers who grow it as well as better for customers, is typical of the company’s approach. More than half a million cups later, Perkee is proof that you can develop a product that is good in every way – including for business.”
Andrew Stephen, CEO, The Sustainable Restaurant Association