As a nation, we are becoming more health conscious and keen to know what’s in the food we eat. We help you and your staff learn more about healthy eating at work, bringing significant benefits:
  • increased employee motivation and a better working atmosphere, leading to more flexibility and better communication
  • more innovation and creativity, and a rise in productivity
  • an enhanced image for your company, making it more attractive as an employer.

Dare salads and postcard As an independent caterer, we place great importance on our customers’ well-being. We’ve created a unique healthy eating programme called DARE. This stands for Delicious And Responsible Eating, and is based on the simple philosophy that healthy, nutritious food tastes great, is ethically sourced and should be enjoyed.

DARE gives you information on a wide variety of food topics – including what makes a balanced diet, the importance of drinking water, alternative sources of protein, Omega 3 oils, ‘5 a day’ and appropriate portion sizes.

We kick off every New Year with ‘We DARE You!’ in all our restaurants. This inspiring healthy eating campaign persuades you to take ten steps to improve your diet, using exciting new recipes, and user-friendly diet and well-being information. You can also access nutritional information using the MyfitnessPal app.

Our healthy eating promises

We are proud to be a partner in the Department of Health’s Public Health Responsibility Deal, which encourages healthier eating. Through this, we’ve signed five commitment pledges:

Healthier staff restaurants pledge

We ensure our restaurants offer a healthy choice, and we make the right cooking and purchasing decisions to help our customers choose the right foods for their health and well-being.

Salt pledge

We’ve committed to using less salt in our cooking. Where agreed, we’ve also removed salt cellars from restaurant tables. We advise customers on how to reduce their salt intake as part of their daily diet, and explain why this is healthier.

Artificial trans fats pledge

We’ve removed all artificial trans fats from our supply chain, and we’re making sure that all of our suppliers keep us a ‘free from’ company.

Out-of-home calorie labelling pledge

We provide calorie information for food and non-alcoholic drink for our customers in out-of-home settings, in accordance with the principles for calorie labelling agreed by the Responsibility Deal. In particular, we focus on the main dishes on the daily menu, to help improve our customers’ knowledge and enable them to make the best choice possible.

Low alcohol pledge

We’ve promised to offer lower alcohol alternatives for customers.

You can find out more about the Responsibility Deal at

Our nutritionist

The expertise of Penny, our nutritionist, is available to our restaurants, customers and teams. Penny is a registered dietician, sports and exercise nutritionist, and registered public health nutritionist.