My earliest food memory starts when I was 8 years old. I used to cook with my Gran on a Friday evening. I loved watching her cook, her enthusiasm was infectious. I hope I have managed to instill this love of food in my own son too.

I am increasingly becoming absorbed with the colours, smells and dynamic tastes of street food. It could be in Borough Market early on a Saturday morning or spending far too long in the Great British Foodies tent at a recent music festival.

I am a very keen traveler, my favourite part of the World is South America. However, my most memorable meal was eating freshly caught king fish baked in a tandoor oven in Goa. I ate it on the beach out of banana leaves. It was simple but unforgettable.

My favourite dinner guests would be Keith Floyd, Stephen Fry and Dynamo the magician, it would be a blend of humour, food and magic.

My favourite cookbook at the moment is the Fabulous Spice Men who never cease to make me see food in a different way. I learnt the foundations of cooking with my trusty Ceserani & Kinton cookbook, I still have it today though it is held together with masking tape!

The three items always kept in my fridge are homemade chimchurri sauce, strong cheddar cheese and a bottle of Pouilly Fuisse white burgundy.

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