My earliest food memory is spending many lovely afternoons with my grandmother in her kitchen, baking amazing cakes and of course licking the cake mix off the spoons!

When it comes to foods that are trending I love pop up restaurants and ventures as they are often used by many chefs to showcase their talents to a wider audience. I adore the great quality food that you can find at these outlets, that isn’t too pretentious and keeps the flavour as the central focus.

There are so many places in the world that I have loved eating. But my favourite place to eat would have to be Petrus, a fabulous Michelin starred restaurant in the heart of London.  I took my parents there and we had an amazing experience.  With an outstanding beef wellington and gorgeous wines, along with exceptional service we felt completely at ease and it is certainly somewhere we would all love to go back to.

Travelling around the world has given me some exceptional dining experiences, but one of the memorable meals has to be while I was visiting Chiang Mai in Thailand.  I came across a cafe called Blue Diamond where I had the most amazing Masaman curry. It had the most exquisite flavours and scent and was a truly memorable experience.

My ideal dinner guests would be:Wade Lynam, a dear friend who passed away too soon, Stephen Fry – for his outstanding sense of humour and quick wit and Joshua, my amazing husband who is always willing to try anything I cook

I have far too many cookbooks, but my favourite  one is a Vietnamese cookbook I bought from a charity which was supporting homeless Vietnamese children getting into the food service industry. Then in recent years I have started to use Barrafina a great Spanish cookbook which has inspired and help me to create the most amazing tapas dishes.

The three items always  I always keep in my fridge are: Foie Gras, a good mature cheddar and a delicious white wine

With these three ingredients you always have a perfect meal

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