My earliest food memory is watching my mum baking scones in her aga and eating them slathered in butter as soon as they came out of the oven. She’d admit herself, she’s not much of a baker, but scones have always been her forte. It sticks out to me as a clear food memory. It was one of the first things I attempted to bake myself. It signalled the start of many years’ worth of baking experiments (and lots of mess) in the kitchen.

I try to avoid food trends, particularly nutrition fads. Though I have seen a distinct increase in more sustainable diets, which is something I’m passionate about. I will be continuing to encourage sustainable menus at bartlett mitchell. I’m always on the hunt for new ingredients, ideas, and techniques. My eyes are always open to a different way of doing things! I went to India recently, the food was incredible and it has given me a load of new food ideas.

Sharing a good meal with friends anywhere and everywhere is one my favourite thing to do. But, recently I discovered Dishoom and love the style and feel of the place. I also love Silo in Brighton. They’ve got a unique concept. The entire restaurant is zero waste, their menu is seasonal and all ingredients are used.

One of my most memorable meals was in France about 5 years ago. We ended up in a small restaurant on a street corner and I had one of the best three-course meals I’ve ever eaten. Back then I had just discovered my  passion for food and I remember talking about that meal for ages.

The list of my ideal dinner guests is as long as my arm. These are my top four.  I value and appreciate the way Jamila Jamil promotes positive body image. One of my favourite authors; Matt Haig, as well as comedian and podcast host; Deborah Francis-White. And because I’m a huge tennis fan and in awe of the strength and determination of this woman – Serena Williams.

I buy cookbooks far too often and have far too many. My favourite of my recent purchases is ‘The Green Roasting Tin’ by Rukmini Iyer. It’s full of vegan and vegetarian dishes with minimal preparation and cooking time. The style and layout of the book is beautiful, it’s full of easy to read infographics and is brimming with variety. The books I always turn to are written by Anna Jones, Jamie Oliver and Nigella. They are fantastic. My Leith’s Baking Bible has seen me through many kitchen experiments and would be my Desert Island cookbook.

The three things I always keep in my fridge are cheese, Greek yogurt and hummus.

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