My earliest food memories are of my childhood holidays. They conjure up memories of breaded scampi and tartar sauce. I was lucky to have two summer holidays, one with my parents and also a separate one with my grandparents. Our weeks in Bournemouth would consist of a daily portion of scampi, if the restaurant didn’t serve it, we had to find one that did.

At the moment the food that’s trending for me is anything that includes protein. I am working out at the gym regularly and it’s all about the diet rather than the weights. For breakfast I eat eggs and chicken and I have discovered protein pudding pots. They are a low sugar, low carb chocolate treat and they give me 20gm of easy protein.

My favourite places to eat are The Dairy and Trinity in Clapham, which I discovered before I joined bartlett mitchell. bartlett mitchell’s chef consultant is Adam Byatt who also happens to be Trinity’s Chef patron. I like anything funky and with an interesting twist. We are lucky with the constantly evolving restaurant scene as we are all spoilt for choice.

My most memorable meal was at Restaurant AOC a 2-Michelin-starred restaurant in Copenhagen. It was the chef’s tasting menu, with all the pre-courses and teasers we ate 22 courses in total. It was a delicious 4 hour extravaganza, but the interesting serving staff and the stories behind the food made the time whizz. It really was a one-off experience.


My ideal dinner guests are my closest friends and I like them gathered around a large table for a formal dinner including dessert wine.

My cookbook inspiration is The Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segnit. It discusses 99 flavours divided into 16 categories and combined into 4851 pairings. It’s a great way to find ideas and unusual combinations to try on my guests.

The three items always kept in my fridge are (unsurprisingly) boiled eggs, avocado and houmous – they are all easy to snack on.


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