My earliest food memories is the white bag with little blue stars on it from the bakery – full of sugared jam doughnuts.

My mum was home all the time and my father worked at home in his workshop – so we had breakfast and dinner together every day. Money was tight and my mum was very creative– corned beef and pilchards featured heavily in our 1970’s austerity household! We ate offal, lots of fish and always a proper pudding with custard– no wonder I’ve never been a size 8!

When I think about trending foods they must include lots of texture and spicy flavours. I love it! I don’t eat meat at all so the increased focus on vegetarian and vegan meals is brilliant for me. Even where I live in Worthing we have an amazing Vegan wine bar – the joy of being able to choose from an entire menu is wonderful!  I’m usually left to choose from a mushroom risotto or a goat’s cheese tart!

My favourite place to eat is Riddle and Finns seafood restaurant in Brighton. It is a walk-in only very traditional fish and shellfish restaurant in the Lanes. You share a table, and a large silver candelabra separates you from your fellow diners. The fish is mostly caught locally and they create fantastic meals from a tiny kitchen.   We have had some great conversations there with complete strangers and the staff. It’s our go to for celebrations and an excuse for a bottle of Pol Roger.

We are lucky to have eaten in some amazing places around the world. Lots of memories that I can recall include food prepared outside in the jungle in Goa – the best coconut chapati I have ever had! Eleven in Lisbon served the most exquisite Michelin star meal I’ve had. The tasting menu was stunning and we were so full at the end. I have to mention the quite boozy meal we had at the West House in Biddenden when my husband proposed – he was as surprised as I was!

Assuming all my best friends and family are busy and I can’t bring anyone back from the dead – my ideal dinner guests would be funny and entertaining.

Kylie – an icon, Adele – might sing for us, Graham Norton – raconteur , Brad Pitt – nice to look at, Boy George – sharp wit, Roger Daltrey – rock star stories and Davina McCall – all round great character.

When it comes to cooking inspirations you literally can’t go wrong following a Mary Berry recipe.  I always use her cake recipes. She uses tons of butter and sugar so everything tastes amazing. I’m no chef and even I can whip up a pretty good lemon drizzle – all credit to Mary of course.

In my fridge there is usually some kind of salmon – either smoked, fresh or hot smoked. It’s a staple for a non-meat eater who tries not to eat too much cheese! I always have mushrooms – love them in everything – but husband isn’t keen so I sneak them into stuff. Then there is definitely always some Fever-Tree tonic – no need to elaborate – you know why!

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