I have many wonderful food memories. The earliest is of me running barefoot around my grandmother’s rustic cottage. She had a huge garden and grew every vegetable imaginable.  She had everything from tomatoes, peppers, onions, cauliflower and potatoes to orchards and a large vineyard. My strongest memories are the family gathered around a big table eating delicious homemade food. The wine-making season is foremost in my memories. I am lucky to be the caretaker of my Grandmother’s estate and I try very hard to follow all her teachings, especially when it comes to making wine.

Vegan food is trending for me at the moment. I love trying different  vegan meals and I look forward to visiting Vanilla Black and enjoying Andrew Dargue’s exquisite dishes.

My favourite place to eat is a most enchanting old house called Villa Aurora. It’s set in the middle of a forest in the hills overlooking Vienna and was originally a hunter’s lodge. I was taken there as a special treat by my ex -kitchen brigade, who now run one of Vienna’s finest hotels. It serves the best schnitzels I have ever tasted!

When it comes to my most memorable meal, nothing can beat my Grandmother’s freshly baked bread. It was served hot from the oven with homemade duck liver pate. I feel I have been spoilt since I was small. My Grandma was an incredible cook and her best friend who lived next door was the most amazing cake maker in the world.

My ideal dinner guests would be Marilyn Monroe, Nelson Mandela, HM The Queen, Monet and JFK. What a night that would be!

My go-to cookery books are Nigella Lawson, she has great recipes you can’t beat and for classic French dishes I love Julia Childs’ recipes.

The three items I always keep in my fridge are good cheese, smoked meats from Italy and very spicy pepper sauce that I buy from Slovakia.

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