My earliest food memories are of family meals at my nanny’s house, with ‘Burnt Boats’ (a traditional Wallace family name for Yorkshire Puddings) and the best gravy I have ever tasted – even to this day.

Pop-up restaurants are trending for me. These chefs are the masters of the industry, creating niche food products to the highest order. It’s definitely about quality not quantity.

My favourite places to eat are gastro pubs – to name only one would be impossible. The Norfolk and Suffolk coasts have some contenders, but closer to home in Hertfordshire, I have some favourites too. My recommendations are: The Harbour Inn in Southwold, The Grandison in Bramfield, and The Bricklayers Arms in Hogpits Bottom, Flaunden.

My most memorable meal, for both food and non-food reasons, is a meal in a Brazilian restaurant in South Carolina. I hadn’t seen my big sister for a while after she moved to the USA and I had started university. Also… it was ‘20 meat night’… Enough said.

I will need a big table to seat ideal dinner guests, who would be Stephen Fry, Bill Bailey, John Cleese and Peter Kay.

In the early days of my career, Gordon Ramsay’s first cookbooks inspired me. MEAT from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is a good read, and James Martin is my go-to chef for sweet recipes.

The three items I always keep in my fridge are butter, ham and beer.

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