I can remember spending many hours happily picking blackberries in the woods with my Nan, probably eating as many as I put in the tub!!  We would then take them back to my Nan’s house where she would bake an amazing apple and blackberry crumble, which tasted fantastic and never lasted very long.

People are becoming more conscious about reducing their carbon footprint and sustainability, whilst improving their health.  This has given rise to people following a flexitarian diet, where they mainly enjoy a vegetarian diet with the occasional meat dish. When enjoying meat people are also thinking about its ethical background.  This has seen a rise in the number of people looking at using different meats, including goat, which is growing in popularity as is goats’ milk which have also been growing in popularity over the last few years. Both goat meat and milk can now be bought in major supermarkets.

My favourite place to eat is Pizarro, Bermondsey Street. I love this Spanish restaurant as you can easily go there to enjoy a few gorgeous tapas dishes with some fine wines while watching the world go by, or spend a fabulous evening in their restaurant with a group of friends. Not only are all the dishes delicious but they’re all sustainable too!!

My most memorable meal has to be at The Sirocco at Lebua hotel, Bangkok – What an amazing experience this was. Set on the 63rd floor this is one of the tallest outdoor restaurants in the world! It was like sitting in the clouds, eating outstanding food while drinking fine wines and listening to an amazing jazz singer. Not only that, but the jazz singer sang Happy Birthday, just to me. A night never to be forgotten!

When asked about whom my ideal dinner guests would be most people would invite famous actors and world leaders, but to me for the perfect evening all I need is my friends and I’m as happy as I can be.

My cook inspiration comes from Ottolenghi.  I have a few of his books and they are all brilliant. The recipes are fail safe, simple yet delicious food, my kind of spices, flavours and ingredients. He has totally revolutionised salads and vegetables, the simple sprout has never been the same in my house since I discovered Ottelenghi. His books are inspirational with lots of colourful photography and beautiful ingredients put together with an undeniable passion for food, that have inspired me from the first time I picked one up.

Three items I always keep in my fridge are:

Sriracha – To me this gives every dish a kick

Massaman paste – I love Thai food and a Thai curry always hits the spot

Lemons – They are just so versatile and make a gin and tonic complete.


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