Outside the coffee season, the women who rake the Perkee beans for the Soppexcca cooperative earn no money. So this year, we raised $11,000 [all other figures are in £] to build a biscuit factory, where they can bake biscuits to sell at local markets.

To reach that amount, our baristas organised events including latte art classes, raffles and a fundraising dinner. We also designed the Perkee Foundation Huskup cups, made from biodegradable rice husk. All profits from selling these will contribute to building the factory. In addition, we built Soppexcca a new website, to help them grow the business internationally.

Our three pillars of sustainability


Balancing the needs of the individual with the needs of the wider community.


Systems and processes that reduce our environmental impact.

Appoint a contract caterer - retention


Long term profitability without creating negative social or environmental issues.