Environmental sustainability occurs when our systems and processes reduce the environmental impact of our offices, food and operations.

 TargetResult 2018Goal 2019SDG
Measure and reduce our annual carbon emissionsAchieved Planet Mark certification to measure and report our carbon emissionsReduce support office carbon emissions by 5% annually13
Retain ISO14001Maintained ISO14001Retain ISO1400113
Fund 1 water pump a month to provide drinking water to improve lives in Malawi22water pump wells sponsored in Malawi by selling Thirsty Planet bottled water. 88 water pumps in totalContinue to support this charity in places where clients are not able to provide reusable bottles or cups6
Sponsor more beehives to improve pollination and British Farming15 beehives sponsored with the British Bee Keepers Association. Increase of 25% increase. 50 in totalSponsor beehives with local Bee keeping associations2
Source more British meat90% of fresh meat procured in the UKMaintain 90%2
Source only whole British eggs100% free range whole shell eggsMaintain 100%2
Source only milk from British farmers100% British milk sourced, majority from SE EnglandMaintain 100%2
Develop a partnership with a charity to reduce food wasteCity Harvest collected over 865kgs of food from BM sitesIncrease the number of sites that support City Harvest12
Partner with social enterprises to create social impactFind 2 potential partnersIdentify opportunities where we can add value for the enterprise and clients and implement first initiatives17
Reduce deliveries to units7.4% reduction in deliveries (per £m turnover) through ‘max’ drop campaign’Target a 5% saving in deliveries11
Increase use of UK sourced disposables by 10%60% of all disposables are now UK sourcedIncrease this12
Only use green cleaning products100% Delphis Eco award-winning eco-cleaning products are used by teamsContinue to use Delphis Eco in all client sites apart from 3 where client dictates use of another company12
Reduce food waste by 15%2.63% reduction in food waste (per million turnover). 4% less than targetReduce by a further 4%12
Reduce environmental impact of Grab and Go packaging100% of sites now use fully recyclable or compostable packagingMaintain 100%12
Convert used cooking oil to create energy18.75% of waste oil recycled and 70 tonnes CO2 was savedRecycle at least 20% of waste oil12
Reduce use of disposables6.3% decrease in disposables use versus revenue growthReduce disposable consumption by further 10%12
Create carbon neutral communications100% of carbon produced during Read Your Wrap production is offset by planting trees with the Woodland TrustMaintain 100% level of carbon neutral communications12
Increase use of reusable cups and water bottlesSold 1000 reusable cups and 5,000 Chilly’s water bottlesIncrease the number of sites who offer reusable drinking options by 50%12
Serve sustainable fish100% of fish is bought from the safely sourced list which is endorsed by the SRA, MCS and MSCContinue to source 100% of fish from sustainable list14
Reduce food waste by finding uses for ‘misfit’ vegetables and fruitServed 34,845kg of misfit fruit and vegetables, exceeded the target by
Serve 40,000kg of misfit fruit and vegetables12
Make it easier for our customers to eat more vegetablesSigned Food Foundations Peas please pledge to increase our veg consumption by 10%Increase amount of vegetables served by 12.5%2

Our three pillars of sustainability


Systems and processes that reduce our environmental impact.