We have to grow without creating negative social or environmental issues that would harm the long time success of the company. We need to find ways of using our resources in a more efficient and responsible way that provides us with long-term benefits and profitability.

 TargetResult 2018Goal 2019SDG
Invest in a candidate management and recruitment system to streamline recruitment and onboardingNew for 2019Reduce the amount of time it takes to match relevant talent to a position8
Develop an instant messaging app to make communication between team members easy80% team engagement by the end of Q3 through development of Yapster app,Increase engagement and find ways to integrate with ADP payment app8
Create a vibrant and progressive work place178 new team member positions created during 2018/19 and 49 team members were promotedWin more contracts to create additional employment and career growth
oppor tunities
Enhance team members’ benefit packageProvide life insurance for every team memberDevise new benefits to meet with multi-generational needs8

Have strong, ethical relationships with our suppliers to achieve the best results33 days was the average time it took us to pay our supplier partnersContinue to adhere to suppliers' payment terms8
Reduce clients’ subsidy10% increase in like-for-like sales across all client sitesIncrease like-for-like sales by at least 5%8
Build and sustain long- term client relationships98.2% contract retention by providing great service and delicious foodMaintain 98% contract retention8
Be a responsible corporate citizen34% increase in profit, resulting in increased contribution to UK Plc.Increase profit by 20%8

Our three pillars of sustainability

Appoint a contract caterer - retention


Long term profitability without creating negative social or environmental issues.