We cater for a wide range of nationalities at this London boarding house for a leading ballet and music school. Performing arts students have a demanding schedule. Healthy balanced meals are essential for the girls to maintain energy and stamina. 

Three home-from-home cooked meals a day and a large range of fresh fruit on offer for dessert, encourages the girls to eat their five a day. With boarders from around the world calling it home, the chefs serve everything from vegetarian and vegan dishes to traditional global favourites presented in a contemporary way. The catering team also supports the house’s ‘family’ ethos with fun foodie events.

“We could always rely on BM to go the extra mile to ensure quality, value and outstanding support.  Our Area Director was only ever a phone call away if we had any special requests or queries.  The pop-up menus featuring cuisine from all the world were a real highlight and eagerly anticipated by students and staff alike.  Quite simply, with a can-do attitude and a friendly smile, nothing was ever too much trouble!”

The combination of strong financial management, value for money and close collaboration has created commercial success. And the contract has been extended to 15 years.

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