Alongside nutritious and delicious meals, our team has created a positive food culture at this co-ed primary school. Our chefs have created imaginative menus that reflect the students’ diverse cultural backgrounds, dietary and nutritional needs.

Working in partnership with the leadership team we developed an exciting student enrichment programme. Activities include nutrition awareness and cooking classes, ‘grow, cook and eat’ where students sow seeds and eat the food they have helped to grow.

Added value has been provided by hosting quarterly food focus groups with parents and teaching staff and providing cooking masterclasses for parents.

“Eating a delicious, healthy meal ensures children are able to work to their best ability. BM are exceptional. From the quality of their food and service to their professional team and flexibility to provide a range of dietary requirements. Due to their high standards and attention to detail I have one less thing to worry about”.

A seamless transition during mobilisation, the catering team have enthusiastically embraced the school’s culture. As positive role models, the catering team ensures meal times are an opportunity for students to connect, learn and develop.
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