Greg, with his Dad, Ray and 2 brothers George and William run three of the Dairy Farms who produce our milk. According to Greg, farming is ‘in his blood’, he is able to trace farming in his family back to 1712. 

They started to specialise in Dairy farming in 1918 when they moved to Kent

Greg has lived on the farm for his whole life. He knows every inch of the fields and the different personalities of the cows.

Committed to his cows

Greg grazes about 700 Holstein Friesian cows over three farms. Greg’s main priorities are animal welfare and ensuring the environment is well looked after.

Force Green Farm is a ‘closed herd’, which means Greg rears his own calves. The cows graze outside in summer and during winter they eat forage, which Greg grows himself.

Every day is different

Greg gets great satisfaction from his job, but believes it’s a job you are born into. The days can be long, but the satisfaction of producing good quality milk makes it worthwhile.

“The farm day starts at 4am, when the first milking begins” he explains. “It’s always a hive of activity, and there is always more to do than there are hours in the day, the ‘to do list’ never gets shorter!”

Being a farmer isn’t just about looking after the cows. You also have to be a businessman. “We do the accounts, manage a team, look after health and safety and keep all our equipment in good working order”.

Greg loves working with the cows to ensure they are well looked after and healthy. “It’s hard work but we all enjoy the challenges each day brings and watching the calves grow.”

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